COBI-2238 River MK II Vietnam War Patrol Boat


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The Patrol Boat River is very characteristic of the Vietnam conflict, an American boat used to patrol rivers and transport troops. Its characteristic features were a very small draft, which it owed, inter alia, to a hull made of fiberglass and a water-jet propulsion that allows you to sail in the shallows. The boat reached a top speed of 28.5 knots (53 km / h 32 mph). The crew consisted of four soldiers. Typically, a first-class non-commissioned officer served as the captain of the boat with a gunner, mechanic, and sailor on board. The boat compensated for the lack of armor with quite a lot of firepower. The equipment usually carried a double-coupled M2HB 0.50-12.7 mm at the bow, and a single M2HB at the stern. In addition, the crew had a grenade launcher and a set of M16 rifles at their disposal. There were also more powerful configurations. The boats were used by the US Navy until the 1990s. They are still popular with civilians.

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