COBI-2415 AU-1 Corsair Korean War Plane


The VOUGHT AU-1 ™ Corsair® is a US Navy fighter aircraft. It was produced in 1942-1952 by Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft. The popular “Corsair” entered service in 1942. The characteristic shape of the broken wings, the cockpit moved to the rear and the propeller with a diameter of over 4 meters made it difficult to mistake it with any other machine. The long exploitation of the constantly improved Corsairs began to come to an end with the advent of the jet plane. Corsairs took an active part in the Korean War, where they ceased to play an important role as fighters, but performed very well as support planes. From 1952, Corsairs marked with the symbol AU-1 entered the state of the US Navy. The letter “A” in the name meant support aircraft. The planes were armed with four 20mm cannons located on the wings. A novelty were the hooks for suspending rockets and bombs. Corasir was able to take about 1,815 kg of combat cargo.

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