COBI 5707 – B-17F Flying Fortress – Memphis Belle – Block Kit


The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is the most famous heavy bomber of the USAAF in World War II. The Memphis Belle belonged to the 8th US Air Force and flew its Tour of Duty (25 missions) to targets in France and Germany between November 42 and May 43.
This model has movable ailerons, elevators and rudders, a retractable landing gear, a retractable bomb bay and four movable propellers and 920 parts. This plane comes with a special, exclusive pilot figure with a mapped uniform. The cap has a printed emblem and a brown visor. There is a uniform print on the body with an emblem on the back. The characteristic pilot head was used for the first time with this set. The pilot is the perfect complement to this exclusive edition of the B17 Flying Fortress “Memphis Beauty” plane and is a great treat for collectors.

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