COBI- 5806 Top Gun Maverick P-51D Mustang


If your child enjoys playing with LEGOs, and is interested in history, be sure to check out our COBI brand historical collection building block sets. COBI, a Polish company, makes high-quality historical military sets includes tanks, planes and ships, from World War I until today. Sets made in Europe. Compatible with other brands of construction blocks.

The North American P-51 Mustang is an American single-engine WWII fighter. It was produced at the North American Aviation plants in the USA. Successfully used by the US Air Force and its allies during World War II and the Korean War. A very successful design from 1940 meant that the plane was constantly developed until 1986! During 46 years, about 15-16 thousand. Mustangs. Today, many of these machines are privately owned, just like Top Gun: Maverick ™. Mustangs are now eagerly used in demonstration flights and sports competitions.

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