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  • Blue Water Navy covers the war at sea, air, close-ashore and low-earth orbit from the Kola Peninsula in Northern Russia to the Mediterranean Sea and West over the Atlantic Ocean to the United States and Cuba. The game models the full order of battle that could be expected in 1980’s wartime, from multi-regiment Soviet Tu-22 Backfire bombers to multiple US carrier groups.
  • The game is card driven, with each card providing points to move units or trigger special events such as ‘KGB Assassinations’ and ‘Space Shuttle’. There is also a reaction mechanic where most cards can be used in the other player’s turn to perform a spoiling event such as ‘Raid Aborts’ and ‘Friendly Fire’.
  • 2 players 1-3 per scenario 8-16 hours per campaign
  • Contents: Map 4 countersheets: counters are a mix of 1 inch, 5/8″ and ½” markers 2 decks of 55 playing cards 6 double-sided player aids 2 single-sided player aids Rules and scenario booklet 6 ten-sided dice Box and lid set

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