Tea – Rakkasan English Breakfast


Veteran Owned Business

A bold, full-bodied black tea, this English Breakfast is perfect morning, noon or night (if you can handle the caffeine!). The blend is derived from tea grown high in the rich, volcanic soil of the hills looming over Africa’s Great Rift Valley. It has an unforgettable silky smoothness, along with a beautiful copper color reminiscent of an early morning Rwandan sunrise.

About Rakkasan Tea

Rakkasan is the old Japanese word for parachute. It’s also the nickname of a unit in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division. In Iraq and Afghanistan, RTC’s founders led Rakkasans in combat, often drinking tea with locals. The experience inspired them to help the economies of war-torn areas. Now they find the hidden gems. Unlike most premium tea in the U.S., RTC sources from carefully selected estates in post-conflict countries as a way to promote peace and economic growth.

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