COBI 5813 F-16C Fighting Falcon Block Set


The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multi-purpose aircraft designed by the American label General Dynamics. Lockheed Martin, produced by megaconcern, since 1993. It is included in the air forces of several dozen countries around the world. The first F-16 came to Poland at the end of 2006 and is in service to this day. Fighting Falcon is a fighter of the 4th generation designed and introduced into serial production in the 1970s. The latest versions of the aircraft meet the requirements of generation 4.5. F-16 aircraft have repeatedly participated in combat operations as assault and hunting aircraft. For the first time in the fight they were used by Israel on June 7, 1981 during an attack on the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq. The first foreign aircraft shot down by the F-16 in 1981 was the Syrian MiG-21 fighter Soviet production. The most numerous mass use of F-16 aircraft took place in 1991 during the “Desert Storm” operation in Iraq. As many as 249 machines took part in the action! In later times the F-16 fought in Pakistan, Afghanistan and took part in many other combat operations.

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